First Half Marathon (virtual)

Yes you’re reading that correctly. 3 hours and 7 minutes. A respectable “marathon” time but this was half the distance. I had a week in which I could do the run but Saturday morning was the only day that worked and of course we’re in a heat wave in SoCal. But the distance is there and hopefully with better training I can give this another try later this fall and attempt a better time.

The Second 10K

It was a hot one that day! The race started at 5:00 A.M. and it was already 78 degrees.  I had big plans of crushing my last pace by finishing in 1:05:00. It didn’t turn out that way. When I hit the 5K mark I realized I was way way behind my goal. I ran the second half as hard as I could – by my standards a a fairly awesome negative split. My official time was 1:09:04…just barely beating my last time. Regardless it’s a new PR and I’ll take it. My next race is the Komen 5K here in San Diego. The whole family is running so no big plans of a PR. Just a good time. 

First Official 10K in the Books

The runDisney Tinkerbell 10K was in May 13. I’m finally catching up with the post! Goal time was 1:10:00 and my official time was 1:09:05. Slightly longer than Strava but I’ll take it. My next race is in September and I’m gaining for 1:05:00. That’s a reach but worth the effort. 

Hawaii 2017

Reminiscing about our vacation to Oahu this January. Such a fun time and great way to finish the holidays!