More on running…

I’m a geek when it comes to the concept of Quantified Self (QS). I’m always looking for the ultimate solution to track runs, calories, heart rate, etc. I would also say that it is to a fault that I’m always looking. There is a certain freedom in just running. I have know routes and that results in known distances. I don’t run faster as a result of knowing my current pace… But the fact that I can know makes me want to know. Plus QS isn’t cheap…and there is always the next new shiny thing. Like the Apple Watch 2 that I want but don’t need. (sigh…)

On Running

OK so I’ve made a pledge starting today. I’ve signed up for My Asics Run, at training plan that links with Runkeeper. I’m going to follow this plan to the end in an effort to improve my running game. Actually calling it “running” is a bit of a stretch since there is more walking involved than normal – a lot more. Today is my first .5 mile jog (I’m starting slow to avoid major disappointment).

Napa Bound…

I’m getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving in Napa/San Francisco with family and friends.  I’m always being reminded that we’re having dinner with friends but all I seem to hear is that we are going to Napa. Over the past two years wine has become a bit of an obsession.  The problem with wine is that once you taste good wine there’s no going back.  Your budget is blown.  I’ve been able to secure a couple of private tastings with some of the “Napa Royalty”.  I’m looking forward to tasting some Heidi Barrett wines as well as some from Odette.  The budget will be blown again:(


How many of you are using Strava?  I’ve been using Runkeeper but I tend to get bored with apps after a while and need a change.  Interesting app but it has room to grow when it comes to entering non-GPS workouts.  I tried to enter my workout at the Y yesterday and it requires distance.  Anxiously awaiting the fix.