design | journey | meaning | PROCESS

It always has been and always will be about design – although not simply in the aesthetic sense (Design).  This is also design (yes with small “d”)in its broadest context… synthesizing evidence and research along with purpose into a built form.

Every project entails a journey – or a quest for what is true.  It has a beginning but no end.  Through a deep level of collaboration and understanding, amazing things happen resulting is a solution that is successful on multiple levels.  The journey gives context to the solution.

We hunger for meaning in everything we do.  It gives our tasks purpose and provides context for our work.  Meaning cultivates a much deeper connection to our creations.

Process is king!  It is often overlooked… but is crucial to the success of every project.  Each project is totally unique in every way.  A process based on shared goals and a shared definition of success makes Design, Journey, and Meaning possible.  It allows the stakeholders to truly inform the design resulting in a design that has the power to transform.

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