About Nine

Culture is the context in which architecture is created. Without this context, our built environment lacks both meaning and relevance. The role of Nine is to act as a conduit for continuing discourse on the relationships between our culture and the built environment.

How it all began…

Nine was formed in 1997 in Columbus, Ohio by seven architects who shared the same passion for the relationship between design and culture. The name “Nine” comes from the number of meetings held each year, each being led by a different member of the group. Together the group assembled a syllabus based on the chosen topic and this became the basis for their gatherings. The group quickly grew and flourished for a number of years. Gradually the members began to relocate across the country and it became increasingly difficult to bring the group together on a regular basis. In 2011 the decision was made to resurrect Nine using this web site as a home for individual groups across the country. More to come as the future unfolds…

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