I’m having a blast with my new iPad. This little toy is revolutionizing how I read, write, and accumulate ideas and stuff. I got it right before vacation so I have plenty of time to play!

Rethinking Healthcare

Ian Morrison has written an excellent article in Hospitals and Health Networks.  Ian is an entertaining and insightful speaker… and his articles never disappoint.  I remember one lecture when he referred to our healthcare system as “pimp my ride” healthcare (after the MTV series).  It has a new coat of paint, new stereo system… but you wouldn’t want to take it on the highway.  Here’s the article link:  The New Math

Project Update

We are well into the design development phase of the Jacobs Medical Center. We have our next round of user group meetings starting 8/16 and as usual it will be an intense week.

The Jacobs Medical Center

I am currently working on one of the most significant projects of my career РThe UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, California.  This project is being designed by CannonDesign in Los Angeles and will complete the transformation of the La Jolla campus into a true academic medical center.  Click the link above to learn more about this amazing project and enjoy a virtual tour of the building and the design process.